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Tapu Tapu the Panda search


Free application.You can custumize your home screen with the cute Search Widget!Once downloaded onto your home screen,this search widget allows you to access the internet easily. You can enjoy many thpes of design,when you download the theme apps.
■Reasons to downloadEasy to search once downloaded onto your home screenEasy to delete and organize history Supports voice input
■How to useThis application is used through downloading the search widget onto the home screen. To use this application, please download the ""DRESSAPPS""application.
■Set up method for search widgetSet up method is differs depending on the smart phone's brand.Please check here
・Basic method1 1. Press down on an open space on your home screen.2. Select "widget" once the menu is shown.3. Select the widget of your choice. (for the old version: click on icon )4. Clicking on the left area of the widget lets you change designs!
・Basic method21. Open your home screen and click on your application icon.Although depending on device, the application button is formed of many ■ and ● 2. Tap on the widget button on the upper side of the screen and select the downloaded widget.3. When the home screen pops up, drag the widget to the place of your choice. 4. Clicking on the left area of the widget lets you change designs!
■How to customize (This search widget can be customized to your preference)1. Click on the character on the left side of the search widget. The widgets design screen will pop up.2. Choose a design of your choice from the ""「+」icon""
■Comptible modelAndroid OS 2.3.3and later
■For※If 4type does not appear when you share,please update DRESSAPPS,following URL and restart the app after 3minutes.
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